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Brancato Family
November 2013

Legacy Taekwondo is a wonderful friendly club that promotes the importance of fitness, well-being and lifelong healthy habits. Master Facciolo is a well-respected and amazing teacher, mentor and friend, who we cannot speak highly enough of. Master Facciolo is very supportive of her students and so dedicated to achieving the best for her students. Not only has she taught our daughters patterns and sparring along with other components of Taekwondo, she has set a wonderful example. Master Facciolo is patient and caring, but she expects the best from her students. We feel our children have achieved things we never thought possible with Master Facciolo's help. They are not only having fun, their self-confidence and self-esteem have grown, while maturing into young adults.

Brancato Family

February 11th, 2012

Legacy Taekwondo in the paper

Alessia D’Elia
February 13th, 2012

Jackson White

“Give me a firm place to stand, and I will move the world.” (Archimedes) This quote speaks of the strength, determination, and potential that is instilled within human beings from the moment we’re born. With these qualities, we have the capacity to be anything, and do anything. As humans we are given this potential, but our journey on Earth is not a clean, or orderly path; it is riddled with potholes and bumps and uneven ground, obstacles that works to deter one from the desired destination. Challenged by disabilities and obstacles, we must see past them, knowing that the reward is on the other side. One specific person was given an exceedingly difficult physical ailment that challenged him every single day of his life. Jackson White’s ability to overcome and see past his own setbacks was inspiring, having a very strong impact on my outlook on life; his message and influence changed my perspective, making me more conscious of new challenges and aware of my abilites.

Jackson White was a student of Legacy Tae kwon-Do, a martial arts studio that I have trained at for years, while fighting to overcome the difficulties associated with living with Cerebral Palsy and an early childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. His illness made ordinary tasks difficult to complete, but Jack did not let this difficulty define him, or prevent him from setting goals and accomplishing them. He attended Taekwon-do for two years, and constantly battled against not only his illnesses, but also intense physical impediments including the paralysis of one side of his body, and deafness in one ear.

From the beginning of his training Jack approached every instruction and task with excitement and willingness simply because he was given the opportunity, doing so with his ever-present smile. Jack was integrated with others his age and older, running and exercising and learning similar to the rest of us. While myself and others bore instructions with grumbles and reluctance, he saw every opportunity as special and did not let anything stand in his way. His happiness despite his handicaps was his one of his most admirable qualities; he was an inspiration to everyone in the classroom. More specifically, his influence, and the very air about him, which exuded positivity, was what captivated and motivated me. I recall being in the studio and complaining about certain exercises, making excuses for my reluctance to participate; in watching Jack continue without complaint, and seeing his obvious hurdles, I saw great strength. When seeing his attitude and outlook, you cannot help but stop to assess yourself, and develop a consciousness for your own actions. Jack rarely made excuses about anything, although he had every reason to.

Jack has made a tremendous difference in my life. His perspective has made me exceedingly thankful for all that I have, and all that I am fortunate enough to be able to do. Despite the positive conclusions of my reflections after meeting Jack, I also realized how much I take for granted. The phrase “take for granted” has become so commonplace, but Jack helped me see it in a different light, and provided me with a incomparable perspective. He showed me more about my life than I could have ever learned elsewhere. Some refer to family and friends when using this phrase, but Jack showed me that even as human beings, we do not think about how lucky we are just to be able to walk. This action is so ordinary yet, such a gift. When I saw Jack running around the studio struggling against the impediments imposed by his partial paralysis, I saw exactly how luck I am. Jack is, and forever will be, an inspiration to me, constantly with me as I overcome challenges and approach future endeavors. Although Jack passed away during the fall of two-thousand and eleven, his influence, spirit and love will never disappear. Jack was given a rocky place to stand, but was able to change the world, or just a little part of it, anyways.

My children have trained at Legacy Tae kwon-do for the last 6 years. We initially introduced Tae kwon-do to our children as an activity similar to dance, gymnastics or any other physical program, and as a means of introducing physical activity into their weekly schedule. At the same time we searched for an activity that would help deal with social issues such as bullying at school. My wife and I thought Tae kwon-do might be a good way of increasing physical activity as well as building confidence while healing self esteem issues. After 6 years of training, numerous successful tests and tournaments, countless Legacy Tae kwon-do social activities and 2 Degrees of Black Belts I can confidently attest that Tae kwon-do succeeded in both respects. My kids have been able to again freely manifest the genuine traits that had been socially suppressed in the past, and in that pursuit, they attained a designation that will be theirs long after their training subsides.

We find Legacy Tae kwon-do to be a reputable facility that provides the physical essentials that we were looking for in an activity, as well as the aid we required for our kids in today’s society. We believe that the promotional structure of Tae kwon-do via grading to attain higher color belts is rewarding as well as inspiring. We found that our kids would become inspired and driven to strive for more success with every promotion while finding that they were inspiring others to succeed as well.

As an adult student I find Legacy Tae kwon-do to be an ideal avenue for personal fitness and weight control. Tae kwon-do proved to be a model route to improve physical well being as well as a means to relieve stress from everyday life. Training in the Tae kwon-do discipline provides a resolve for the above mentioned issues; in fact, attacks them while striving to achieve new goals within the art itself, thus making the success of personal issues an effortless benefit of the training. Legacy trainers provide the instruction, motivation and experience to ensure success.

As a family, and as individuals, we are pleased that the trainers at Legacy bring a family orientated background to the training sessions and grow with the students as they progress. We find the Facciolo’s proficient and committed instructors, with a wealth of knowledge derived from years of experience. Additionally, the Facciolo’s have a solid understanding of their student’s everyday lives outside of Legacy and they strive to use Tae kwon-do to support their students with personal and scholastic endeavors whenever possible. We believe this to be possible because all trainers both permanent and guest, have either trained with or been trained by the Facciolo’s and have a genuine passion for the student, the discipline, Legacy and the Facciolo’s respectively. All trainers strive to make all participants feel a sense of belonging while keeping true to the structure of the Tae kwon-do discipline.

Mr. S. D’Elia II Dan

I enrolled my son in the Legacy Taekwondo program when he was 8 years old. We saw right from the first lesson that it would teach him respect, self-discipline, self-control and self-esteem. The whole-person approach to exercise, engaging the body, mind and spirit in every class is exactly what my son thrives on. The instructors are friendly, professional, informative and patient. I will be keeping him at Legacy Taekwondo right through to his Black Belt!!

I am writing this character reference on behalf of Ms. Franca Facciolo, owner of Legacy Taekwan-do, whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing for a number of years.  My children and I are students of her studio. 

In the years that I have known Ms. Facciolo I have been impressed with the dedication and diligence she exhibits in teaching and guiding her students.  Professionally, she is meticulous in her approach when instructing and directing lessons and has a significant ability to deliver favorable results to beginners, mid-stream students and finally, those who have attained a high degree of ability.  She is trusted by both parents and students for her wonderful temperament and mentoring mannerisms.

From a personal perspective, Ms. Facciolo has demonstrated a giving and generous nature in her free time.  She uses her influence to benefit the community.  She has organized fund raising events with financial proceeds' going to the charity her studio sponsors.  I would fail, if I didn’t mention an extremely successful event she organized for a young student who was stricken with a grave illness a few years ago.  Her personality is one inherit with admiration, respect, morality and ethic.

At all times I have found Ms. Facciolo to be honest, reliable, vigilant, conscientious, courteous and compassionate.  I am happy to provide further information if required.


Tony Lazzaro